Google AdWords Dashboard Octoboard

Google AdWords Dashboard Released

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new Google AdWords Dashboard! We are here to make Paid Advertising monitoring transparent and easy for you!

Your journey to Google AdWords success doesn’t stop once you master the art of creating a compelling Google ad. Are you getting any return on your investment? Are you setting up the right advertising budget? What’s the weakest link of your AdWords campaign? To find answers, we suggest that you set up our Google AdWords Dashboard.

Why use Octoboard for Google AdWords?

The main issue at hand is your ads performance. It’s easy to get overloaded with various metrics Google itself offers you. We at Octoboard decided to simplify things by collecting the most important, interesting, relevant data and show it to you without unnecessary clutter. These are some of the areas that we have covered:

Google AdWords Cost per Click Octoboard

  • Octoboard offers a concise way to track your individual ads/campaigns. You can keep track of all the relevant metrics from one dashboard. No more scrolling and tab opening.
  • We visualise your Google ads Cost, Reach, Performance, ROI with minimum effort on your part. Just keep tracking changes over a time period and watch out to spot trends!
  • If you are new to Google advertising, our templates will help you get the right metrics for your individual goals. If you are a confident advertiser, it is still handy to set up a template – use it as the basis for your dashboard and tailor it to your needs!

Setting Up Google AdWords Dashboard:

  1. Connect to your Google Analytics account
  2. Select a Property you want to monitor
  3. Choose a template or create your own dashboard! That’s it!

Just 3 Clicks in order to deal with overwhelming amounts of data!

Google AdWords metrics

When we were tailoring our templates, we thought of metrics in the context of questions that they should answer. Below are some of them:

Area 1: How do I monitor & benchmark my performance in real-time?

Google AdWords Click-through-rate Octoboard

  • Click-through-rate (CTR)

           Out of the people reached, what percentage has reacted to my ad?

  • Ad Campaign & Ad Group Performance

           Your top ad groups/campaigns ranked by their performance

Area 2: How many people do I reach and do they react to my ads?

  • Impressions

           Remember: If someone sees your ad 3 times, you get 3 Impressions!

  • Clicks

           Is your ad appealing enough to encourage clicks?

Area 3: Are my Google AdWords campaigns worth the money?

Google AdWords Revenue per Click Octoboard

  • Ad Cost
  • Cost per Click (CPC)

           How much does one click cost me?

  • Cost per Transaction (CPT)

           What’s the cost of one transaction?

  • Revenue per Click (RPC)

           RPC shows how much revenue you gain from one click

           Look at RPC in relation to your CPC, and you’ll be able to calculate your ROI

For a more extensive metrics review and tips, check our Google AdWords Dashboard page.  We have carefully selected each and every metric for you. The important ones are marked and explained. What’s more, there is no need to collect the data or call IT support guys. Your data insights are only a click away with Octoboard. Click now – it is FREE!