Preparing for GDPR compliance – “Right to Erasure”

As a company based in EU and serving EU customers Octoboard has to comply with GDPR requirements. We have until May 2018 to prepare the necessary documentation, train staff and implement procedures and build required product functionality to become compliant.

One of the requirements of GDPR 2018 is “The Right to Erasure”

Withdrawing consent and the right to be forgotten

As well as new requirements on gaining consent for data capture and processing, the GDPR also makes it clear that consent can be withdrawn and revoked at any time.

Originally known as the ‘right to be forgotten’, broadly speaking this principle dictates that an individual can request for their data to be removed or deleted when there is no compelling reason for a business to continue processing that information. Though initially more absolute, the GDPR legislation has been watered down and termed ‘the right to erasure.’

Removing your data from the system

Fortunately, with Octoboard deleting customer records and “to become forgotten” is very easy. Simply go to “Profile” > “Account details” and request data to be removed. This operation can not be undone. Once deleted, your historical data, dashboards or reports are deleted forever. Our systems will securely remove all your data from the servers including backup versions and logs without a trace.