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Email Marketing Dashboards Released

Ok, this time we are releasing not 1 but 7 integrations in one go! We have carefully studied, reviewed and analyzed top email marketing suits and have selected the biggest and best email marketing and automation platforms to bring you all the data you need on a daily basis! Now you can combine your Social Marketing data with Finance (Stripe and others), Brand Monitoring, Blogging AND Email Marketing – all in one dashboard!

Here is the current list of Email Marketing products. We are sure you are using one of them after all, email marketing still ranks highly among digital marketing channels:


Campaign Monitor Performance Octoboard

You have an email marketing automation tool. Certainly, you feel that you are all set up to nurture your leads and win customers. You are sending campaigns out. Great! The next step is to keep track of your efforts and results, learn and improve.

Managing multiple campaigns and lists is a challenging job. Thus, we took that challenge and turned email marketing performance monitoring into an effortless activity for you. So, why do you need a dashboard to display you the data the platforms already provide?

Why use Octoboard for Email Marketing data?

  • We save up your time! Instead of doing weekly reports on the efficiency of your email marketing efforts, set up one dashboard and it will do all the countings for you! No need to intervene or do any other manual work: you do not need to open your marketing tools just to look at analytics. Combine your business, sales and email marketing metrics within one dashboard.
  • We provide you with up-to-date data and measurements of your success. Having all the numbers visualised makes it easier to spot trends and gain insights from the overload of information. Because now you can now learn and improve your email marketing tactics for an even higher efficiency.
  • Finding your way around all those technical metrics ain’t easy. No need to over-analyze! Just take our email marketing template, we have included all key metrics there. And if you want to add or change anything – you can do that too.

How do you build a Dashboard?

Setting up Email Marketing Dashboard:

  1. Open Octoboard and pick an email marketing template.
  2. Connect to your email marketing platform.
  3. Press “Go”. That’s it! You are done!

3 Clicks and you have it. Finally! You can now move on to the more creative marketing tasks such as email campaign strategy planning or email marketing chains or new email template design that you always wanted to do. Octoboard will keep collecting and displaying the data for you. No more logins. Save the link to your “Favourites” or put it on your TV screen in the office.

What data do you get from Email Marketing tools?

Email marketing is a mature area. There are hundreds of companies that have been working there for years. MailChimp, ConstantContact, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor have a lot in common when it comes to Analytics.

Visualising Email Marketing Metrics


Area 1: Lists/Campaign Overview

  • Reach

How many emails do I send out?

  • Campaign Emails Open
  • Campaign Emails Clicked

Area 2: Contacts Behaviour Analysis

MailChimp Total Subscribers Octoboard

  • Subscribers

How many people subscribe to my emails? If the number is too low, make sure your pages are well-optimized to encourage more subscriptions.

  • Unsubscribers & Bounces

These two widgets show you the total number of your unsubscribers and bounces. If you want to check trends over time – simply switch and get the information you need.

  • Bounces & Unsubs Rate

The numbers of unsusbscribers and bounces in relation to the total number of emails sent

Area 3: Performance Review

Constant Contact Campaign Engagement Rate Octoboard

  • List/Campaign Engagement Rate

To get a general idea of your engagement numbers we display Open rate and Clicks rate within one widget.

Open Rate is the number of opened emails in relation to total emails sent

Clicks Rate is the number of clicks on links within emails in relation to total emails sent

  • Performance

           You can now track your total emails sent, total Opens, Clicks, Unsubs, and

            Bounces within one widget.


Of all of the tools, we found ActiveCampaign to be the most brainy, with best interface and smarts for automated marketing. We use ActiveCampaign ourselves and just love their automations. They also offer more data.

ActiveCampaign Form Performance Octoboard

  • Reply Rate

You can see the overall amount of replies or total replies in relation to emails sent.

  • Form Performance

If you are using ActiveCampaign forms, you’ll be able to check how many people signed up via them.

  • Automation Engagement

This widget includes your automation emails’ Opens and Clicks.

A more detailed ActiveCampaign guide can be found here.


SendGrid is slightly different. It is “customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email”. In SendGrid don’t simply makeup lists and arrange automated email send-outs. SendGrid is a great tool for cleaning up your contact lists. First, you send a request to SendGrid to send emails, then it delivers them to the accessible contacts.

Below are some of the metrics specific to SendGrid:

ActiveCampaign Reply Rate Octoboard

  • Delivery Rate

This widget shows you the number of delivered emails vs. total send requests.

  • Opens & Clicks

SendGrid counts Clicks and Opens in relation to the number of delivered emails

  • Blocked & Invalid Emails

This is your difference between send requests and actual deliveries. You get blocked when your IP address has been blacklisted. Invalid emails stand for email addresses with formatting or some other issues, preventing SendGrid from fulfilling your send request.

  • Spam Count

SendGrid allows us to track how many people treat your emails as spam or junk. Our dashboard also displays Spam in relation to the overall number of delivered emails.

For a more extensive guide on metrics and tips, check our Dashboards page and pick the email marketing platform you currently use.  Set it up and you won’t spend your time collecting and making sense of data. Your data insights are only a click away with Octoboard. Click now – it’s FREE!