Octoboard is among Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

Octoboard in Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

It’s great to be mentioned among the best Saas products for business. That means that the year’s work is worthwhile as our aim is adding value to the customer’s online marketing experience.

tool per startup

Thanks to our friends at Toolperstartup.com, we are among Top 3 software products for startups in Italy:

#10 – Kamzan – The tool to share files and improve brand awareness.

#9 – Social Insider – Competitor analysis on Facebook and Instagram.

#8 – Frontify – The tool that allows you to manage the entire brand in a simple and fast way.

#7 – INK 361 – The tool that allows you to get statistics and analytics of your Instagram account and that of your competitors.

#6 – BIZPLAN – The suite to manage the business plan of your startup or SME.

#5 – Amper – The artificial intelligence tool to create royalty free music automatically and in a few minutes.

#4 – Zest.is – The tool that allows marketers to find and share the best content quickly and easily.

#3 – Octoboard – The tool that allows you to create monitoring dashboards for all your online activities.



#2 – Albacross – The tool to track visits by companies to your website.

#1 – Lumen5 – The tool that transforms any web page (even the posts of your blog) into video.

The new year brings new challenges to us and to our customers. We’ll continue to work on our dashboards, templates, and reports for digital marketing, also there are exciting releases to come!

Stay tuned and happy Octoboarding!

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Octoboard is an official ConstantContact partner

We are proud to announce a partnership with ConstantContact!

ConstantContact is a world leader in Email Marketing automation technology. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with additional offices in San Francisco, Loveland, Colorado, New York, Delray Beach, Florida and London and the United Kingdom, this great international company employs over 1.200 engineers, marketeers and IT professionals.

With this partnership, over 3.000 Octoboard clients can now add ConstantContact Email Marketing data to online dashboards. Marketing Agencies can avail of templates for automated client reporting.

Octoboard will also be offering its customers a way to join ConstantContact platform with a special discount!

Constant Contact

About ConstantContact

ConstantContact is one of the most popular Email Marketing services. ConstantContact’s Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, and online survey features help business win customers and grow. More than 350,000 firms, nonprofits, and member associations worldwide rely on ConstantContact platform to create and deliver personalized, professional communication that engages customers and win new business.

If you want to combine results of your ConstantContact Email Marketing campaigns, Octoboard will allow you to display its metrics on a dashboard or send it out to clients in automated reports.

ConstantContact clients can add specific metrics to management dashboards and run analytics and data comparisons for different time periods and combine them with Social Network, Web Analytics and Paid Advertising data to gain a bigger picture of the business activities.

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Add Facebook data in a Marketing Agency client report

Add Facebook data to a Marketing Agency client report

Marketing Agencies spend hours and hours creating reports for their clients. It is surely a process that takes time – collecting data weekly, organizing it, creating graphs and charts and then building the reports. And although reports are essential for the clients, they often spend just over 1/10th of the time that you put into it.

Reports are indeed very important. When done properly they will impress customers and showcase the results of your hard work. How to make the process of creating reports effective? There is only one answer to this question. Automation!

A lot of Marketing Agencies automate the process of creating client reports to save time and money. We at Octoboard help Marketing Agencies reduce the number of hours required to gather the data and create regular reports. With Octoboard, agencies dedicate more time to what really matters – creating successful campaigns for clients and win new business.

facebook data

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How to add Instagram data to a Marketing Agency report

How to add Instagram data to a Marketing Agency report

Marketing Agencies use Instagram for promotion excessively as it’s a great place for businesses to find customers. Instagram campaigns are a big part of online marketing and its importance is increasing. Growing marketing channels are great for promoting but it comes at a cost for Marketing Agencies. How to manage all the data that comes from web analytics, social media and, on top of that, how to make create useful reports for clients who want to see marketing campaign results?

Octoboard helps Marketing Agencies save time automating these tedious tasks. Automated reports from Octoboard are very easy to set up and send regularly. Marketing Agencies can analyze Instagram data and other metrics on dashboards, share them with clients and send scheduled reports which take no more than 5 minutes to generate. It is a useful tool for busy marketers who value their time.

Now let’s see what metrics you can monitor with Octoboard, how to set up a dashboard, a template and a report.

Instagram data to keep track


To monitor and increase your Reach, it is very important to track these metrics. Also, Instagram allows you to see your clients’ competitors data (just press “Configure” on the widget to configure competitors). You can decide what to share with your clients and when. With Octoboard you can send reports automatically or use a mandatory “Approval” stage. Marketing teams use approvals to validate what goes out to clients.

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Preparing for GDPR compliance – “Right to Erasure”

As a company based in EU and serving EU customers Octoboard has to comply with GDPR requirements. We have until May 2018 to prepare the necessary documentation, train staff and implement procedures and build required product functionality to become compliant.

One of the requirements of GDPR 2018 is “The Right to Erasure”

Withdrawing consent and the right to be forgotten

As well as new requirements on gaining consent for data capture and processing, the GDPR also makes it clear that consent can be withdrawn and revoked at any time.

Originally known as the ‘right to be forgotten’, broadly speaking this principle dictates that an individual can request for their data to be removed or deleted when there is no compelling reason for a business to continue processing that information. Though initially more absolute, the GDPR legislation has been watered down and termed ‘the right to erasure.’

Removing your data from the system

Fortunately, with Octoboard deleting customer records and “to become forgotten” is very easy. Simply go to “Profile” > “Account details” and request data to be removed. This operation can not be undone. Once deleted, your historical data, dashboards or reports are deleted forever. Our systems will securely remove all your data from the servers including backup versions and logs without a trace.


How to use Twitter data in reports and dashboards for Marketing Agencies

How to use Twitter data in reports and dashboards for Marketing Agencies

Generating automated Twitter reach and engagement reports for clients is one of the most requested features by Marketing Agencies. Here is how Octoboard helps agencies save time by adding Twitter to scheduled client reports.

You do not need to collect data yourself. Octoboard will connect to Twitter, collect and update marketing metrics hourly. You can analyze Twitter metrics in dashboards and share them with your clients. To create a scheduled report you only need to select one of the preconfigured Twitter templates and click “Send”.

Essential Twitter data metrics to monitor

Twitter’s audience is extremely versatile. Marketing campaigns should be targeting specific audiences. Social Media Marketing is all about reaching the right people with the right content. Octoboard gives Marketing Agencies Twitter insights covering user accounts, audience and competitors. You can either add metrics one-by-one or use our ready-made Twitter Engagement template (see below).

Twitter metrics can be divided into 4 main groups:

  1. Account popularity and audience feedback

Twitter account popularity

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How to add SurveyMonkey data to Marketing Agency client report

How to add SurveyMonkey data to Marketing Agency client report

SurveyMonkey produces a lot of useful data. It provides free customizable surveys and a set of features that help get insights from answers to surveys and online polls. Marketing Agencies use this tool as part of promotional campaigns for their clients.

But the agencies also have to provide clients with reports that show what work is done with the help of SurveyMonkey, and what results the campaign achieved. That is where Marketing Agencies need SurveyMonkey reports.

Creating client reports is a big part of job of any marketer. It takes a lot of time. Octoboard helps Marketing Agencies manage thousands of clients by providing easy-to-setup metric reports that they can schedule and send automatically. 

Octoboard’s SurveyMonkey integration allows Marketing Agencies to save time by setting up a simple dashboard with SurveyMonkey metrics. This dashboard is easily turned into a scheduled client report. If you do not have time to select and add metrics, you can use ready-made templates that can also be transformed into an automated report.

Here is how you can add SurveyMonkey to client report:

SurveyMonkey data dashboard

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How to create a LinkedIn data Marketing Agency client report

How to add LinkedIn data to Marketing Agency client reports

LinkedIn is one of the largest Social Media platform for professionals. LinkedIn is used by some 65 million professionals all over the world and it is a great resource to promote products and services to highly targeted audiences. Marketing agencies use LinkedIn data extensively. Clients of marketing agencies look for insights and reports on how effective LinkedIn campaigns are and if LinkedIn ROI justifies ad spend.

We at Octoboard have recently become Marketing Partners with LinkedIn. This allows us to collect a lot of useful data on ad campaigns and user engagement. We are now analyzing LinkedIn marketing data and building new integrations for our 2000+ clients.

This post shows how to collect non-ad related LinkedIn data and easily share it in your business data dashboard or with clients via automated reports.

LinkedIn data Read more

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We are sending you the greetings of the season with all our love! May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace.

To all our 2.500+ clients and partners we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for being part of Octoboard. We could never have done this without your support.

We will keep building our product, add features and value to make sure you save time, win more business and use your data with Octoboard.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Yours, Octoboard
London – Dublin – Barcelona – Prague – St. Petersburg – Gurgaon

Octoboard has joined LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program

Octoboard has joined LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program

We are happy to let you know that Octoboard is now an official LinkedIn Marketing Developer Partner!

The LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program is designed as an effort (and a very successful one!) to help digital marketers to work with LinkedIn and its analytics.

It’s great news for you

LinkedIn is one of the most popular Social Media in the world where users communicate and promote. So why not make promotion easier? Monitor what strategy works best for your or your client’s business. Octoboard LinkedIn dashboards and template help you save time – no more data collection and choosing of metrics that matter. No more report making – Octoboard creates it for you!

It’s great news for us

Octoboard supports all the key web analytics tools and sees its goal in making a marketer’s life easier. LinkedIn is a perfect place for digital marketing activities. The fact that LinkedIn integrates with Octoboard and other online marketing tools means we can deliver more analytics to you and thus simplify the process of managing your LinkedIn campaigns.

Today we begin defining LinkedIn Ads integration and Octoboard report templates for Marketing Agencies. Lets see if we can implement and release LinkdeIn Ads integration in 2 weeks!