AWeber metrics

Key AWeber metrics’ tips for successful email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels of digital marketing that you definitely should not ignore if you want your business or brand to grow. As we at Octoboard are trying to help you make your email marketing campaigns successful we have now released dashboard and metrics’ template for AWeber – one of the best tools to build your email marketing campaigns! How do you use it? Check out our 3  key AWeber metrics’ tips to get insights and improve your campaigns.Email marketing metrics

3 tips to make your email marketing campaign successful

1. Add value

The product you market has to be valuable and useful – it means that you should add value with your product. But a valuable product is not enough. You should also add value to your email campaign itself.  Remember to segment your audience so that you deliver the right information to the right people. Produce great content to create curiosity and interest. Make sure your recipients see value for their business within your email.

2. Know your audience

Here, we are talking again about your emails’ recipients. You should know your audience and personalize your campaign to it. Octoboard gives great possibilities to monitor the most engaging emails for your audience for all the email marketing platforms you use in one dashboard. It also tracks open, reply, bounce rates, performance and reach of your campaigns.

3. Measure your success

Monitoring all the metrics is very important for your campaign’s success. Although digits can sometimes seem boring and complicated, it is actually the key ingredient for a successful email marketing campaign. Working with stats can be challenging, especially to those who just start out with marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid of the metrics – with Octoboard they are displayed simply, they are all in one dashboard so you don’t have to look for them in different platforms you use, and you don’t need to log into several different platforms. You get all you metrics in 3 clicks and for free!

We build easy to use dashboards to enable you to get all the metrics from your business systems and email marketing tools such as AWeber, ConstantContact, Active Campaign and MailChimp. 

Email marketing metrics

Enjoy using AWeber and all the other email marketing tools with Octoboard dashboard and templates – it saves your time and money as it’s a free and all-in-one tool to use and to get all the metrics you need from all the platforms you already have!

Email marketing metrics

Set a dashboard in 3 clicks!

Follow these 3 quick steps to build a dashboard:

  1. Open Octoboard and pick an email marketing template.
  2. Connect to AWeber.
  3. Press “Go”.

Our free AWeber dashboard templates are here.

After that, all you need to do after that is to sit back and relax as all the now visualised data is tracked and delivered to you for free!