Métriques et rapports marketing des statistiques Salesforce par Octoboard

Métriques et rapports marketing des statistiques Salesforce par Octoboard

Un simple accès aux données est une nécessité pour toute entreprise. Pour le marketing en ligne c’est essentiel. Octoboard aide les entreprises à simplifier considérablement le processus de traitement des données provenant de divers services marketing, de réseaux sociaux jusqu’à Google Analytics et les plateformes financières.

Salesforce est le leader mondial des ventes CRM pour les entreprises. Avec l’intégration de Octoboard, vous pouvez suivre tous les chiffres de ventes sur un seul tableau de bord et combiner ces métriques avec des données issues des réseaux sociaux, de l’analytique web et bien d’autres (voici la liste de toutes nos intégrations).

Salesforce FR

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Ключевые метрики и маркетинговые отчеты статистики Salesforce от Octoboard

Ключевые метрики и маркетинговые отчеты статистики Salesforce от Octoboard

Простой доступ к данным – это уже давно не роскошь, а необходимость для любого бизнеса. Для онлайн-маркетинга это жизненная необходимость. Octoboard помогает компаниям значительно упростить процесс обработки данных из различных маркетинговых сервисов, от Социальных Сетей до Google Analytics и финансовых платформ.

Salesforce – система CRM-продаж для бизнеса. С помощью интеграции Octoboard вы можете отслеживать все ключевые показатели продаж на одном дашборде и сочетать эти показатели с данными из Социальных Сетей, веб-аналитики и многими другими (смотрите список всех наших интеграций).

Salesforce RU

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интеграция WhatConverts

Octoboard announces WhatConverts integration

Great news – we are integrating with WhatConverts! 

Octoboard works on adding new integrations regularly in order to stay ahead of our 3 000+ clients’ marketing needs and data analytics requirements. Today, it’s WhatConverts integration- a great tool that can be an answer to all your call tracking requirements.

About WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a customer relationship management software designed to track calls and aggregate contacts from web forms, chat sessions, and eCommerce transactions. Customers use it to track lead sources (Google, AdWords and more). WhatConverts is a powerful tool that gets its clients to the next level of measuring their marketing efforts.

WhatConverts features

  • Call tracking – call, form and keyword tracking, call recording and complete lead detail.
  • Lead tracking – total leads report.
  • Reporting – complete reports on calls, leads, e-commerce and more.
  • Lead management – web forms, phone calls, e-commerce transactions and chat sessions tied to their marketing source.

Octoboard Integration benefits

With Octoboard integration, call and lead tracking become a piece of cake – connect WhatConverts and monitor your data on one dashboard. Combine it with your finance metrics and web analytics – no more switching between your numerous digital marketing platforms.

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Octoboard is among Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

Octoboard in Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

It’s great to be mentioned among the best Saas products for business. That means that the year’s work is worthwhile as our aim is adding value to the customer’s online marketing experience.

tool per startup

Thanks to our friends at Toolperstartup.com, we are among Top 3 software products for startups in Italy:

#10 – Kamzan – The tool to share files and improve brand awareness.

#9 – Social Insider – Competitor analysis on Facebook and Instagram.

#8 – Frontify – The tool that allows you to manage the entire brand in a simple and fast way.

#7 – INK 361 – The tool that allows you to get statistics and analytics of your Instagram account and that of your competitors.

#6 – BIZPLAN – The suite to manage the business plan of your startup or SME.

#5 – Amper – The artificial intelligence tool to create royalty free music automatically and in a few minutes.

#4 – Zest.is – The tool that allows marketers to find and share the best content quickly and easily.

#3 – Octoboard – The tool that allows you to create monitoring dashboards for all your online activities.



#2 – Albacross – The tool to track visits by companies to your website.

#1 – Lumen5 – The tool that transforms any web page (even the posts of your blog) into video.

The new year brings new challenges to us and to our customers. We’ll continue to work on our dashboards, templates, and reports for digital marketing, also there are exciting releases to come!

Stay tuned and happy Octoboarding!

Octoboard business dashboard - TV screen


Octoboard is an official ConstantContact partner

We are proud to announce a partnership with ConstantContact!

ConstantContact is a world leader in Email Marketing automation technology. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with additional offices in San Francisco, Loveland, Colorado, New York, Delray Beach, Florida and London and the United Kingdom, this great international company employs over 1.200 engineers, marketeers and IT professionals.

With this partnership, over 3.000 Octoboard clients can now add ConstantContact Email Marketing data to online dashboards. Marketing Agencies can avail of templates for automated client reporting.

Octoboard will also be offering its customers a way to join ConstantContact platform with a special discount!

Constant Contact

About ConstantContact

ConstantContact is one of the most popular Email Marketing services. ConstantContact’s Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, and online survey features help business win customers and grow. More than 350,000 firms, nonprofits, and member associations worldwide rely on ConstantContact platform to create and deliver personalized, professional communication that engages customers and win new business.

If you want to combine results of your ConstantContact Email Marketing campaigns, Octoboard will allow you to display its metrics on a dashboard or send it out to clients in automated reports.

ConstantContact clients can add specific metrics to management dashboards and run analytics and data comparisons for different time periods and combine them with Social Network, Web Analytics and Paid Advertising data to gain a bigger picture of the business activities.

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